Thursday, October 27, 2011

Make her like me

Ok let's go over a couple of scenarios to help you, get her attention.

Chances are if you are here you are trying to get this beautiful women you see on a daily basis to notice you. This might be hard for several factors , you always see her in a busy setting. You always see her with her friends, which is the roughest senario. You always see her when she is in a rush.

Senario # 1

Busy settings can be quite intimidating if you are shy or don't want to get rejected in front of others. You think a classy gesture would be the perfect approach. That is not the case in a setting like this. Confidence is the key here. You have to already know what your going to say , in both cases. So lets start , Grow some balls and walk up to her , but keep a respectable distance . Then look her right in the eyes and ask what took you so long, she will reply what, took so long for what you reply . What took you so long to introduce yourself to me. My name is (insert your name). By now she is smiling from ear to ear. After that you can carry on regular conversation. This will lead to the exchange of contact info. If you are smart already write down your name and # on a card . This show her you were confident in the end result and that you can think on your feet and prepare for the future. You will be on her mind all day so when she calls, start with a joke then move into serious interest. switch back to a joke then make it seem like you have to run , so ask her if this is a good # to call her back on. Now you are setting off sparks on both sides of her brain . She will like you so much so might offer the time and place for the first date.

Senario #2

The girl you have been dieing to talk to is always in a wolf pack . This is one of the roughest cases in which , outside factors make it hard to get close. Once again confidence is the key . A strong approach will get you rejected every time in this case. If she has protective friends you can expect them to send you running with your tail between your legs. what i suggest in this case is to compliment the whole group. Then as they are all blushing ask the group if it is ok to talk to this special rose out the beautiful bouquet of women . They will all blush , her the most and you now have a couple of walking talking reminders of that kind hearted man. Women who roll in large packs usually are shy or loud by themselves. Read the type and play off it. If she is shy appear to be a man that takes control and can lead the way so she can follow. If she is loud and outgoing , show more of you fun nature side that will turn her on , to know there is someone of the opposite sex she can have fun with .

Senario # 3

She is always in a rush , she may have kids and is always pressed for time . she may have a demanding career that requires alot of attention. She may be in school and has a lot on her plate. It is up to you to figure out which, but don't worry i can help. A woman with kids , dreams of a stable man that can take her out when she has time . Hear is the approach , as she placing in order , till the cashier i got it. Explain to her that a women like her needs a break every now and then , she will agree all women due, there all vain in this area. Ask her name, then ask her if you could buy her a real dinner to make up for the bad breakfast you got her. If its lunch you paid for the vs verse , if you bought dinner vise versesa . Time is not on your side so have your # ready , tell her it was nice to meet her give her your number and tell her I'll see you later this week at dinner.
The career women, most dues really believe that this women doesn't have time for you, wrong. I don't care if she works 50 hours a week a woman will make time for the right man. Today you will be that right man. You approach is going to be fast and to the point , business women don't like for anyone to waste their time. Your approach. Greet her firmly , hello is fine, explain to her that you know her time is valuable and if you could get a second then , her life could change forever. It"s bold and cocky but business women love dating the professional. Then give her your number and tell her good times to call you. end it there. Even if you ugly she will call just to find out what you have to say.